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Better Technology Drives Quality Service

BBM consistently earns a place in the top half of the InformationWeek 500, an annual ranking of the nation’s most innovative users of business technology. We invest in technology in order to serve our customers better. You’ll save time on service-related administrative tasks, enjoy speedy response to emergencies and special requests, and have access to information 24 hours a day. In addition, because we develop our own proprietary systems, we can easily customize them for you.   

BBM’s industry-leading technology provides benefits that help:

  • Control costs 
  • Assure quality services 
  • Deliver on scheduled services or special requests 
  • Communicate efficiently 
  • Provide accurate, timely financial information and service reports 
  • Consolidate information to drive process improvements

Our state-of-the-art quality management and work order technology enhances communication between our customers and BBM employees through integrated mobile communications and online access. Via email, two-way radios, pagers and cell phones and PDAs, BBM and our onsite teams keep in close contact to handle your daily needs and service requests. We can act upon service requests promptly – then track them through completion and invoicing. Customers can review status, data and reports online at any time of day or night. 

All of our technologies are protected by a sophisticated firewall system that the BBM internal IT staff manages. As an additional safeguard, we have engaged a third party expert to maintain a continuous disaster plan that will recover BBM’s critical electronic data to a secure off-site location.    

Quality Management
Together with you, we develop standards of performance by which the quality of our services can be measured. Our quality program delivers: 

  • A clear focus on providing what we promise 
  • Well-defined policies and procedures centered around our clients’ business objectives 
  • Internal and external quality reviews to insure that we are meeting performance, efficiency and safety compliance benchmarks 
  • Continual performance improvement. 

Through a dedicated and trained staff who administer our quality program, the BBM process ensures you that:

  • Our employees are accountable for their respective roles in delivering quality service 
  • Our employees understand your objectives 
  • We meet your objectives 
  • Our employees have the training, tools and support to succeed 
  • We create clear and measurable goals, communicate them effectively and measure performance 
  • We remedy any areas requiring improvement from the previous audit.

Regular Inspections
Inspections are conducted by BBM using our PDA-based system with web-enabled reporting. This inspection system has the flexibility to allow you to view and contribute feedback. Our ability to assess, document, and communicate the quality of your service is invaluable to your bottom line, and likewise, is a large part of our success.

ISO 9001:2000 Standards
The International Organization for Standardization has developed and refined a set of international standards for quality management systems. BBM’s compliance with strict ISO requirements ensures we have a sound program. For both our self-registered and ISO-registered sites, we conduct regular, thorough audits of local operations. Our ISO registered sites additionally have objective, third-party surveillance audits at required intervals and a complete re-registration every three years.

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